Russian Police Choir Perform 'Get Lucky'

99Rock Music News:  Russian Police Choir Perform Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ at Olympics Opening Ceremony

By Jay Tilles

There may be nothing odder than watching the Russian Police Choir getting funky in front of the Winter Olympics crowd in Sochi, Russia. But what is definitely even weirder is to see these uniformed men getting their groove on to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Yes, it seems Vladimir Putin allowed them to stay up all night to get lucky.

This Opening Ceremony rendition isn’t just an elaborate lip-sync. No, no, these officers are seen letting loose and belting out the lyrics while dancing the way only middle-aged white Russian police officers can.

According to Time, this isn’t the first time the officers have gotten lucky. The Russian Interior Ministry’s ensemble performed the disco hit last November.



While we’re impressed with the officer’s performance, we’re not sure which version is better, the Russian offers or this band of excitable chickens. We will of course let you decide.


Watch more from today’s (Feb. 6) Olympic opening ceremonies here.