Kasabian Announces New Album

99Rock Music News:  Kasabian Announces New Album & Stream The First Single ‘eez-eh’ Here

(Photo by Mark Thompson//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

British psych-rockers, Kasabian, are electrifying their tripped-out sound with their new  single, “Eez-eh.” A classic mix of trip-hop, Brit pop, and funky late ’60s-style vibes, Kasabian’s newest song is a slight departure from Velociraptor!

The track is from the band’s  upcoming fifth full-length studio album entitled 48:13, which is the run time of the 13-track dis supposedly out in early June in the United Kingdom. According to Antiquiet, Kasabian’s songwriting/lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno is quoted as saying that this new album will be “more direct” and “more honest.”

“I started to strip away layers rather than to just keep adding,” explained Pizzorno.

Listen to the new track below. And remember to heed this little lyrical nugget from the song: Google iswatching  us all.