Mastodon Writing New Song For ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Soundtrack


Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher revealed that the band has “20 rough songs” recorded, and that they’ve been working on a song for the upcoming Bill and Ted movie.

“We got asked a couple months ago to be a part of the new Bill and Ted movie, to put a song in there. So we wrote a song to be in that movie which we’re kind of wrapping now,” said the guitarist of Bill and Ted Face the Music, which is currently on the schedule for an Aug. 21 release.

Kelliher also revealed for their next album, “Mastodon hasn’t worked since last summer. We’ve been taking this time off to relax and to write a new record, and we were kind of right in the middle of it… we had about, I don’t know, 20 rough songs recorded right before this [pandemic] hit and it just totally put the brakes on it.” 

Mastodon Wrote a Song for ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’


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