Dartmouth Broadcasting


Located on the campus on Dartmouth College.  Dartmouth Broadcasting is a hands-on learn-by-doing student organization that operates inside the DB Global Operations Center high atop the West Wing 3rd Floor suite of Robinson Hall in Hanover NH.

DB Specialties Include our two full service radio stations:

99Rock WFRD-FM

As well as the Dartmouth Sports Network, and the Dartmouth Election Network.

*Currently you’ll find WFRD-FM “99Rock” streaming live and local 24 hours a day at WFRD.com and on the iHeart radio app. Keyword Search WFRD.

*WDCR also broadcasts live 24 hours a day at WebDCR.com – Streaming a variety of local eclectic student shows during the “D-Plan” term(s) and a mix of spoken word, “Indie and Top 40 music” – all commercial free and exclusively online at WebDCR.com and on the TuneIn app!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?  Life after Dartmouth for DB Students:

Chris Davidson ’76 (CBS executive) – learned how to lead a large organization, learned diplomacy in difficult situations.

Robert Hager ’60 (NBC news) – led to his news career.

Mike Henry ’98 (sales, Google) – “learned a ton from Dartmouth radio,” learned negotiating skills, got him his first job selling radio in San Francisco.

Scott McQueen ’74 (multiple station owner) – DB got him started in the business (per Broadcasting Magazine article)

Bill Moyes ’70 (station owner) – “Radio’s been very good to us Dartmouth guys!”

Randy Odeneal ’68 (radio station group owner) – “DB was a great proving ground”

Todd Piro ’00 (attorney, local newscaster) – ‘learned to talk, learned about politics.” Station was a great help in his career.

Jim Rosenfield ’52 (President, CBS-TV network) – came to Dartmouth as pre-med to please his father, but DB introduced him to broadcasting, which became his obsession. DB was “certainly important” to him.

Jeff Shapiro ’83 (station owner) – led directly to buying his first station a couple of years after graduation (which he turned into Q106), and then a major career in group station ownership.

The History of Dartmouth Broadcasting

Dartmouth Broadcasting WFRD-FM / WDCR-AM (formerly WDBS)
February 1928 – Present (85 years 9 months)Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

Dartmouth Broadcasting began in 1920s with the ambitions of a few Dartmouth College students that decided to give a new technology called radio a try. The first broadcast occurred over copper wires linked in all the dorms. The station used the call letters WDBS (Dartmouth Broadcasting System). The name changed to WDCR (Dartmouth College Radio) when it became an officially licensed station of the Federal Communications Commission and its first official broadcast at 1340 AM was in 1958. Dartmouth Broadcasting began officially operating WFRD (FM Radio at Dartmouth) 99.3 FM in 1976.

Our two radio stations have always been completely managed by students. The vast majority of the on-air personnel are students, although there are some exceptions (such as the Director and operations manager: Heath Cole, current FM morning show host: Chris Garrett, Sales Staff, and Sports Broadcast Mentors in play-by-play announcing.) This is an unusual example of commercial college radio. The management of the stations is by the Directorate consisting of: The General Manager, Finance Director, AM Program Director, FM Program Director, Technical Director, Marketing/Alumni Relations, FM Promotions Director, News Director, Sports Director, Internet Director, Training and Recruitment Directors.

Honors & Awards (Most Recent)

2015 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Commercial Campaign Of The Year”

2015 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Play By Play: Chris Garrett, Dartmouth Men’s Ice Hockey”

2015 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Best Station Promotion”

2015 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Station Promotion Announcement”

2014 NHAB “Individual Commercial Of The Year” Merit Award

2013 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Commercial Campaign Of The Year”

2013 COSO “Best Student Media Project of the Year” for “99Rock’s Hurricane Relief 2012” to the Jersey Shore and beyond, on 99Rock WFRD-FM.

2012 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Morning Show Team: The Rock ‘N’ Go Morning Show”

2012 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) Merit Award “Sports Feature: “Inside Look: Dartmouth Club Fencing”

2012 COSO “Best Student Media Project of the Year” for the Dartmouth Election Network, and Dartmouth Broadcasting’s “99Minute Spin Room” at the Republican Presidential Debate on 99Rock WFRD-FM.

2011 The Granite Mike Awards (NHAB) First Place “Public Service Campaign Of The Year”

2011 College Broadcasters Inc. National Student Production Award Finalists “Best Sports Reporting” Winter Week 1 “The Big Green Scene on WDCR/WFRD.

2010 Golden Mic Awards (NHAB) First Place “Commercial Campaign Of The Year”

2009 Golden Mic Awards (NHAB) Merit Award “Public Service Campaign of the Year”