Trent Reznor Calls Out Grammys

99Rock Music News:  Trent Reznor Calls The Grammys “Utter Waste Of Time”

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

After playing one of music’s most arguably celebrated nights, Trent Reznor took to Twitter and admonished the night with an expletive, saying: “Music’s biggest night… to be disrespected. A heartfelt F*** YOU guys.”

The all-around musical genius and Nine Inch Nails frontman talked to a New Zealand news program and called the night “an utter waste of time.”

“When this came up as an option, ‘Hey, the Grammys would like you to play,’ you know, quite frankly it was flattering. I’m not a fan of the Grammys, as I’ve vocally expressed in the past, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through an entire broadcast. I know I’ve never attended one.” explained Reznor to 3 News.

“But the way my head works is, to try to approach it from, ‘Okay, if we did do it, what could be the upside?’ And Josh [Homme, Queens of The Stone Age] and I spent a long time talking about the pros and cons. You know, ‘Do we want to be on a shit show on TV? No, not really. Do we want to be affiliated with the Grammys? No, not really. Would we like to reach a large audience and actually do something with integrity on our terms? Well, yeah. Let’s roll the dice and go into it with the best intentions, with a performance we think is worthy and might – you know – stand out from the crowd. Or it might not!’”

In the end, Reznor says that the two rock stars weren’t expecting that “level of insult” from the awards. He says he doesn’t regret it per se, but that they would never, ever consider “possibly patronizing that event in any form.”

We’d say there will be no hesitation to how Reznor will promote Hesitation Marks from now on.