Karen O Covers Bob Marley !

99Rock Music News:  Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O Covers Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’

(Photo by: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Karen O, frontwoman of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has masterfully taken Bob Marley’s classic song of defiance, “I Shot the Sheriff,” and with a little help from the hip-hop duo N.A.S.A., turned into a slick, dance friendly tune.

The cover made its debut in a Sonos commercial during the GRAMMYs, which, if you own a DVR, probably explains why you missed it.

“I Shot the Sheriff” was originally released by reggae legend Bob Marely in 1973. It tells the story of a man who admits to killing the sheriff in self-defense, but claims he is falsely accused of also killing the deputy. Eric Clapton covered the song one year later, his version becoming the most commercially successful.

While Marley and Clapton both maintain a sense of urgency in their versions, Karen O takes a somewhat lighter approach, which is helped along by N.A.S.A.’s bouncy beat and synthesized effects.

Take a listen to the remake below and let us know what you think.