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by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 30 2014 12:34AM

99Rock Music News:  Chris Martin Reveals He Was Briefly Kicked Out of Coldplay

Photo Courtesy - Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

By Jay Tilles

The first of a four-part interview with Chris Martin was released Monday (Apr 28) and it could be Martin’s most revealing interview to date. The Coldplay frontman sat in a Santa Monica, CA recording studio opposite BBC Radio 1′s Zane Lowe and offered a series of candid responses.

Speaking about the band’s chemistry and how he hopes it will ultimately lead to their longevity, Martin explained “We’re very, very tight at the moment. I know that I’m the one that is the frontman and the one that’s on the magazines and stuff but with everything we’ve been blessed with, what we constantly come back to is is this relationship. Because none of us are prodigies or virtuosos, we’ve seen bands come and go in the time that we’ve been around and we’ve seen the ones that have lost it and we’ve worked really hard to communicate with each other in a way that brings the best out of everybody.”

Martin revealed the band’s relationship became a real focus when they worked with Brian Eno who said, “You really have to respect the chemistry between you.” The frontman confessed he’d actually been booted from the band for a time. “He kicked me out of the band for a few weeks to get everybody’s confidence up because at that time I could be quite strong-minded in terms of it has to sound like this.”

To hit home  how valuable each member’s part is, Martin went so far as to outline how the song-writing credit is distributed, with 40% going to Martin and the remaining 60% split equally among Berryman, Buckland and Champion. “Everything else is 25/25/25/25,” explained Martin.

Set for a May 19 release, Martin says Ghost Stories, is a bit more “personal and smaller” than previous albums.

“The idea of Ghost Stories for me was how do you let the thinks that happened to you in the past, your ghosts, how do you let them affect your present and your future? Because there was a time when I felt like they were going to drag me down, kind of ruin my life and the lives of those around me.”

Watch part one of Chris Martin’s interview here.

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 29 2014 12:29AM
F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Race

99Rock Music News:  Kasabian Announces New Album & Stream The First Single ‘eez-eh’ Here

(Photo by Mark Thompson//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

British psych-rockers, Kasabian, are electrifying their tripped-out sound with their new  single, “Eez-eh.” A classic mix of trip-hop, Brit pop, and funky late ’60s-style vibes, Kasabian’s newest song is a slight departure from Velociraptor!

The track is from the band’s  upcoming fifth full-length studio album entitled 48:13, which is the run time of the 13-track dis supposedly out in early June in the United Kingdom. According to Antiquiet, Kasabian’s songwriting/lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno is quoted as saying that this new album will be “more direct” and “more honest.”

“I started to strip away layers rather than to just keep adding,” explained Pizzorno.

Listen to the new track below. And remember to heed this little lyrical nugget from the song: Google iswatching  us all.

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 28 2014 12:40AM

99Rock Music News:  Listen to Grouplove’s ‘Let Me In’ from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Photo of:  Grouplove live at the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ (Alex Rauch)

By Scott T. Sterling

Alt-rock act Grouplove has released the audio ofnew  song, “Let Me In”, which is taken from the soundtrack of upcoming feature film, The Fault in our Stars.

The movie is based on the bestselling 2012 novel of the same name, written by author John Greene. Like the book, the movie focuses on Hazel and Gus, described as “two extraordinary teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them — and us – on an unforgettable journey.  Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they met and fell in love at a cancer support group,” according to a press release . Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) and Ansel Elgort (Divergent) portray the couple.

“Let Me In” features the standard trading-off of lead vocals between Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi. A mid-tempo rocker, the song includes plenty of soft-then-loud, loud-then-soft moments, complemented by formidable guitars and the occasional whirring synth.

“Let Me In” is the first new song from Grouplove since the release of the band’s second album,Spreading Rumours, which features the hit single “Ways to Go”.
by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 27 2014 12:41AM

99Rock Music News:  Coldplay Announces Lyrics Scavenger Hunt in Libraries Worldwide

(Photo Courtesy - Phil Harvey for Parlophone/Atlantic Records)

By Kevin Rutherford

The good news? Coldplay fans can read the lyrics to the band’s new album before it hits stores. The bad news? They’ll have to find them, first.

The band announced they will hide handwritten lyric sheets of Ghost Stories from frontman Chris Martin in nine libraries across the world, creating a scavenger hunt for fans to discover.

Clues to each sheet’s location will be dispensed onColdplay’s Twitter account. Once a page is found, a photo of it will be uploaded for others to see.

Additionally, one of the envelopes containing the lyrics also includes a ticket for a free trip to London to see the band’s July 1 performance  at the Royal Albert Hall.

One lyric sheet has already been found in Mexico City, containing the lyrics to lead single “Magic”.

@coldplay on twitter:  
FOUND Chris's handwritten Magic lyrics, in Dickens' Christmas Carol in Mexico City. Next #lyricshunt clue soon… A
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by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 25 2014 7:20AM

99Rock Music News:  Kings of Leon "Wait For Me" now top of the 99Rock Most Wanted.

(Photos Courtesy - Steve Jennings for Live 105)

The guys are back on Tour this Summer with the #MechanicalBullTour!  This week they spike to #1 on our 99Rock Most Wanted!  Congratulations to all of our "Win Em' Before You Can Buy Em'" Tickets winners this week on 99Rock!

This summer the guys will be on tour with Young The Giant and the Kongos!  See them at the NH Bank Of Pavilion at Meadowbrook on August 26th!  Tickets go on sale Today 4/25/14 at 10am.

Learn more here!

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by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 24 2014 11:08AM
99Rock Music News:  ‘Lazaretto,’ Newest From Jack White, Now On The 99Rock Playlist 

(Photo Courtesy - Mary Ellen Matthews for Columbia Records)

Like at lot of fans, we first fell in love with Jack Whitewhen we heard “Fell in Love With A Girl,” back when he was still one half of The White Stripes. And while The White Stripes officially broke up in 2011, Jack White has continued to recorded music as The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and as a solo artist. “Lazaretto” is title track and lead single from Jack White’s new  album due out June 10.

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 23 2014 1:00AM

99Rock News:  #DenimDay2014

Today is the day, April 23rd to make a social statement with your fashion statement!  Wear Jeans with a purpose!

Learn more on Facebook and follow DenimDay2014 on Twitter!

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by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 22 2014 1:17AM

99Rock Celebrates Earth Day 2014!!!

(photo by Chris Garrett/Rock 'N' Go Morning Show)

Today is Earth Day!  

Learn More Here!!
by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 21 2014 11:20AM
2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 3

99Rock Music News:  Fake Daft Punk Perform With Arcade Fire At Coachella

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty for Coachella)

Anyone who thought they saw Daft Punk during Arcade Fire’s set at Coachella last night (April 20), we’re sorry to tell you, you were punk’d.

During the band’s closing set, frontman Win Butler announced that Daft Punk was there to perform  their hit “Get Lucky,” which Arcade Fire started playing. But, what Butler really said according to those in attendance was “Paft Dunk.”

Those two people in Daft Punk-like robot suits who walked out, well, they weren’t really Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They were just some guys in robot jumpsuits, which, when you think about it, probably isn’t that weird to see at Coachella. The band’s little prank though led to some really excited tweets and more than a few Instagram videos.

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Apr 20 2014 11:25AM

99Rock Music News:  Young The Giant joins Kings Of Leon and KONGOS on Tour

(Images Courtesy Young The Giant)

#Mechanical Bull Tour returns for 2014 and Young the Giant team up with the Kings Of Leon and the KONGOS with dates that include a stop in NH at the Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook!

Tickets go on Sale this Friday 4/25/14


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