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99Rock: A Battle Won by Handshakes: The Story of Alpha Company 1/5

"Thanks VERY much once again to Lucas A. Dyer for being our guest this morning! "Like" his page below! You could win a free autographed copy!"
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99Rock: Veterans Day Events @ Dartmouth College

To the men and women who have served our country: Thank you. May today be just another reminder of how thankful we are for your service and sacrifice.

Join us in honoring and thanking our veterans and military men and women by attending one of our Veterans Day events:

Photo by Eli Burakian '00 taken during the Retreat Ceremony Friday.
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99Rock: Veterans Day Meals & Deals 2014

"Veterans Day is Tuesday and there are many restaurants and companies who want to thank our veterans by providing them with discounts or a free meal. To those companies offering veterans a free meal or discount, the military community gives a collective thanks!"

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99Rock Music News: U2 Announce Weeklong Residency on 'The Tonight Show'

U2 (Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
The residencies just keep coming.

After a weeklong spot on The Late Show with David Letterman in October by the Foo Fighters and a recently announced upcoming gig by Metallica on The Late Late Show, U2 have announced they'll come to The Tonight Show for a full week later this month.

Show host Jimmy Fallon made the announcement that Bono and co. will come to the late night show for a week starting Nov. 17, Stereogum reports. They'll sort of contend with Metallica for attention that week, though the shows are in different time slots — allowing rock fans to get a full taste of both of rock's elder statesmen throughout the week.
Currently, there's no word on if the band will appear on the show in any other capacity that week.

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99Rock Music News: Hear Lorde Cover Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' at 12 Years Old

(Photo Courtesy: Getty Images)

Lorde didn't emerge fully formed at age 17 with a world-conquering poise and a perfect singing voice. In fact, she had them way before that.
A cover of Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody" by Lorde has just emerged online, purportedly recorded when she was 12. At an age when many kids are just moving beyond dolls, Lorde was already showing signs of developing into a world-class talent.
During a session at a local New Zealand radio station, the artist known then as Ella Yelich-O'Connor took on the anthemic ballad, transforming it into a simple folk song. There's barely any distinguishable difference between her voice on this cover and on the radio today; she has the same smoky, powerful range, exposing the song's dramatic peaks and valley without any of the originals sky scraping guitar work. If anything, it's just a rawer voice on the 12-year-old than what we hear from her on the radio these days.

"It's a privilege to hear a voice like that," exclaimed the radio DJ after her performance.

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99Rock Music News: Hear Kurt Cobain's Pre-'Bleach' Mixtape, Featuring Led Zeppelin, the Beatles & William Shatner

Frank Micelotta/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Twenty years after the death of Kurt Cobain, it still doesn't feel like we'll ever get tired of Nirvana nostalgia.

Another piece of proof for that is a recently surfaced mixtape, dubbed "Montage of Heck," made by the late frontman the year before the band released their 1989 debut Bleach.
It's a fascinating time capsule of where Cobain was at sonically, because it's so different from the band's album which would follow.

On the mixtape, unearthed by Dangerous Minds, Cobain tinkers with noise rock, layering samples from the radio and his home collection of recordings along with sounds and drones. By the time he made it, noise rock — an offshoot of Krautrock — was in full swing in San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C., especially.

Cobain's take on it spans 15-plus minutes and includes moments from Jimi Hendrix's speech at the Monterey Pop Festival, Fred Flintstone screaming after his bowling ball, the Jackson Five's "ABC," James Brown's "Hot Pants" and, most surprisingly, William Shatner's cover of "Wild Thing."

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99Rock Music News:  Listen To The Foo Fighters New Song “Something From Nothing”

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

Good news Foo Fighters fans, the wait is finally over!

Missed the 99Rock premiere of the Foo Fighters’ new song “Something From Nothing” off the band’s forthcoming album Sonic Highways, which drops November 10.???

Well, we've got it here for you!

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99Rock Music News:  U2 Release Video for ‘The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)': Watch

U2 (Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Despite having done the world’s most talked (and griped) about album promotion — and later sort of apologizing for it — U2 haven’t quit. Today brings the release of the video for “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone).”

It’s a glitchy, lo-fi visual where the band casually plays the song — a big contrast from their futuristic way of dropping their new album, Songs of Innocence, onto everyone’s iClouds. But that’s likely what they wanted to go for, especially in the light of backlash.

It makes sense too, considering U2 still consider themselves to be punk, that they’d go with a more homemade feeling video for a song that honors the late Ramone. During their first interview after the album’s release, Bono told CBS Radio’s KROQ that “The punk rock thing to do is annoy people and get in their faces.”

UPDATE:  Since it's release, it has already been removed.  However, you can still hear the single track below...


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Linkin Park And Incubus Perform At The Home Depot Center

99Rock Music News:  Incubus Have Begun Work on Their Next Album

Incubus (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Where were you the last time Incubus released a new album? Go ahead and think for a bit; after all, it’s been a couple years.

But for fans of the rock band from Calabasas, California, the wait is nearing its close. Overnight, guitarist Mike Einziger posted a new video to his Instagram with news that the recording of Incubus’ next album is underway.

“Our first day of tracking!” he exclaimed with the hashtag #incubusnewalbum. In the clip, drummer Jose Pasillas can be seen laying down a drum track while a jangly electric guitar rhythm is heard alongside him.
The news comes after first indications that the wheels were turning for new Incubus material back in July. Einziger told that  he and frontman Brandon Boyd were “scheming” and in the process of creating new music together.
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99Rock Music News:  Stream Weezer’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ in Full

Photo Courtesy - Weezer (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)


Bands claim to revisit their old sound all the time. Whether they do that or not — and to what effect — is a whole other question, but the declaration, at least, is there.

Weezer have teased a return to form on Everything Will Be Alright in the End — it’s an album full of self-referential lyrics; just look at the entire first verse of lead single “Back to the Shack,” which finds frontman Rivers Cuomo singing about how he’d returned to lead guitar, to the fans’ eternal gratefulness.

As for whether or not the album as a whole, from its lyricism to its instrumentation and overall sound, represents Weezer of yore rather than Weezer of bore (sorry, that was really horrible), curious listeners can now stream Everything Will Be Alright in the End in full on iTunes Radio.

For the new record, Weezer reconvened with producer Ric Ocasek, who helmed their debut self-titled record (known to most as The Blue Album) and their third, also self-titled release (The Green Album).


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