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99Rock Music News: Watch Dave Grohl Play Drums for Rise Against to Cover His Early Band, Scream

By Philip Cosores at

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl hasn't played drums as his primary gig in a couple decades, but he's still known to get a kick out of picking up the sticks and pounding away, whether it is for a Nirvana reunion for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or backing bands like Queens of the Stone Age.
At a recent tour stop for the Foos in Adelaide, opening act Rise Against announced that legendary punk band Scream's drummer happened to be on site. Of course, many in the crowd had no idea who Scream was and didn't really put it together until Grohl walked on stage. In fact, Grohl got his start as drummer for Scream, backing up the Washington D.C. band for a couple albums before Nirvana called and asked him to join.

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99Rock: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at 99Rock WFRD-FM!!

Stay Safe!!
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99Rock Music News: Muse Announce New Album 'Drones' for June

Photo courtesy - MJ Kim/Getty Images
The followup to Muse's 2012 album The 2nd Law is almost here.

March 11th, the band announced they will release new album Drones, their seventh record, on June 9 via Warner Bros. Records.

The 12-song album was co-produced by the band and Robert "Mutt" Lange, who is working with the band for the first time. Their previous album was co-produced with Nero.

As part of the album's release, first single "Dead Inside" will be released on March 23. Additionally, the song "Psycho" will be premiered on the band's YouTube page tomorrow, March 12, and will be available when pre-ordering the record.
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99Rock Music News: Watch the First Trailer for HBO's Kurt Cobain Documentary

(Photo courtesy - Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

After months of waiting, our first look at HBO's forthcoming documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck has finally arrived.

A press release states that the documentary features "dozens of Nirvana songs and performances as well as previously unheard Cobain originals," as well as "no-holds-barred access to Kurt Cobain's archives, home to his never-before-seen home movies, recordings, artwork, photography, journals, demos, personal archives, family archives and songbooks."

Anticipation for the documentary has been at an all-time high since the director Brett Morgen revealed on Twitter that the film's soundtrack includes "a mind-blowing 12-minute acoustic Cobain unheard track."
Over the years, Morgen began working more closely with Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter, Francis Bean, who became an executive producer on the film and allowed Morgen access to her archive of Cobain's effects, too.

Watch the trailer below. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck will air May 4 on HBO.

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99Rock Music News: Dave Grohl Stops Show to Make Blind Fan's Wish Come True: Watch

(Photo courtesy - Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

By Shannon Carlin of
Taylor Swift isn't the only pop star who can make the wishes of her devoted fans come true.

At a show in Sydney, Australia recently, Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl stopped the show to adhere to a sign in the front row.
The sign said, "Drumstick for a blind guy." So, Grohl gave the fan a drumstick.

In the clip, you can even hear Grohl shout to drummer Taylor Hawkins, "Give me a drumstick," before handing it to the fan.

I think we now know who the nicest guy in rock is.

Watch the touching clip of Grohl making a fan's wish come true, via The Daily Mail, below.

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99Rock Music News:  Kanye West Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars

(Photo credit:  Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

By Scott T. Sterling of
Kanye West, obviously still caught up in his feelings following an emotional interview with Zane Lowe, took to his Twitter account to issue public apologies to both Beck and Bruno Mars.

The apology to Beck was for obvious reasons. West famously rushed the stage at this year’s Grammy awards ceremony after Beck won the Album of the Year prize. But instead of going on a rant, he simply returned to his seat without saying a word. It was later learned that he was going to protest the award not going to Beyoncé for her self-titled surprise album.

The apology to Bruno Mars was more curious. West has never spoken ill of the multi-talented pop star in public, so the apology was for more personal grievances.

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99Rock Music News:  311 Launching Own Craft Beer & Of Course It’s An Amber Ale

(Photo credit: Brian Bowen Smith)

By Jay Tilles of
311 are getting into the craft beer craze: by preparing to launch their very own beer.

And guess what style they’re starting with? Amber, of course.

The Omaha band has teamed up Rock Brothers in Tampa, Fla., and Nebraska Brewing in Papillion, Neb., bassist Aaron “P Nut” Wills confirmed in a tweet today while on their 311 Cruise Through the Caribbean.

Also involved in the project is Cigar City in Tampa, a partner of Rock Brothers, explained Nebraska Brewing co-owner Paul Kavulak to this afternoon.

“On a road trip recently, our lead brewers from Cigar City and Nebraska Brewing Co. got on the phone, hallucinated a pretty cool recipe to start with,” Kavulak said, adding that they’ll like use some ingredients that “don’t traditionally find themselves in amber ales.’

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99Rock Music News:  If Someone Rushed the Stage on Billy Corgan at the GRAMMYs, He’d Knock Them Out

Photo credit of Billy Corgan at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (Photo by Gabriel Olsen)

By Marissa G. Muller of
Original opinionated Chicago artist and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has been surprisingly quiet for awhile now the controversial ways of his hometown peer Kanye West—but that silence is no more.
Corgan has unleashed his thoughts on the rapper’s GRAMMYs blunder and the awards ceremony as a whole.

What’s more surprising than the length of Corgan’s silence though might be how measured and diplomatic is response is. Full disclosure: “Kanye’s from Chicago so I gotta be careful, I gotta represent,” he began, while in an interview on The Morning Show in Australia.

But he didn’t hold back his feelings on how Kanye was wrong to disrupt Beck‘s moment. “I think it’s inappropriate for any artist to take somebody else’s moment and make it their own,” he said. “In that particular moment you’re basically saying that everything that Beck’s done to be in that position is negated because in your own mind it’s not relevant to you, or your own thing. I didn’t think that’s the moment to do it.”


As for how West should have handled it? Of course serial blogger Corgan recommended that ‘Ye type out his feelings after. “Maybe afterwards you can say that, you can put it in your own blog,” he said. “But to jump on stage and steal that moment, to reappropriate it in your own way I think is inappropriate.”

Another thing that Corgan thinks is inappropriate? How social media has affected the way the public watches and responds to awards shows in general. “I will add—and I mean this in all seriousness—the problem with the social media era is the GRAMMYs will be rewarded for bad behavior and so by extension will Kanye,” he went on. “It really should be a celebration of accomplishment and it becomes another version of high school.”

In Corgan’s version of high school though, it is okay to revert to violence. “I’ve been on that podium too [Smashing Pumpkins have won two GRAMMYs], and if someone got up on my stage I’d knock them out,” he said. “I don’t care who it is, I would’ve knocked them out…. That’s my stage. I earned the right to be on the stage at that moment.”

So note to West: don’t think about rushing the stage if Corgan is ever on the receiving end of an award Beyonce was up for.
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99Rock Music News:  Dave Grohl Named 2015 Record Store Day Ambassador

Dave Grohl (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Your 2015 Record Store Day ambassador makes so much sense: it’s Dave Grohl.
The Foo Fighters frontman will act as the ambassador for the annual event, which takes place April 18, Consequence of Sound reports.
Grohl follows in the footsteps of Jack White, Chuck D, Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne, all of whom have been ambassadors for the event in the past.
He accompanied the news with a four-minute video, talking about how “important it is to discover things at independent record stores and showing off the first record he ever bought.

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Feb 11 2015 8:46AM
99Rock Music News:  Here’s the Beck/Kanye West ‘Loser’ Mashup You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed



By Shannon Carlin

Boy, we imagine right about now, Beck wishes he didn’t have a song called “Loser.”

DJ Steve Porter has managed to put all our feelings about this whole Kanye West calling out Beck’s Album of the Year win at the GRAMMYs into one mashup of the Morning Phase singer’s first hit “Loser.”

Did we know we wanted this? No. Do we really need it? Probably not, but it is worth it to see Kim Kardashian’s horrified and confused face as he stumps for Beyoncé once again.

Though, ‘Ye probably didn’t throw as much shade as Pharrell threw at Taylor Swift‘s dancing. Oh, we see you bae.

And no disrespect to Beck, but like Kanye, we had a few feelings on why Beyoncé deserved to win the prize too. Perhaps, you want to check it out.

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