The 99Rock Jocks 

Heath Cole

Hometown – Chester, VT
Favorite Artist – The Black Keys, Halestorm, Pepper
Favorite TV Show – Archer, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men
Favorite Movie – The Other Guys, Step Brothers
Fun Fact – Ended up as an extra in a Billy Ray Cyrus Movie
Best Concert I’ve Been To – (that I wasn't working), 99Rock Fest!



Hometown – Washington, D.C.
Favorite Band/Artist – Two Door Cinema Club
Favorite TV Show – Community
Favorite Movie – The Italian Job
Favorite Icebreaker Question and Answer to Said Question – What would be your ideal date if you didn’t have hands? Lasertag.
Fun Fact – Has eaten every meal since September 2012 with chopsticks
Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To – Two Door Cinema Club with Bad Veins in Baltimore



Hometown - Everywhere
Favorite Band – Shinedown and Halestorm!
Favorite Movie -  Perks of Being a Wallflower
Favorite TV Show - Almost every reality-competition show except American Idol and Dancing with the Stars
Favorite Icebreaker Question and Answer to Said Question -   What’s your favorite article of clothing? My America’s Next Top Model Tank!
Fun Fact – I lived in Alaska…twice.
Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To – Shinedown and Papa Roach
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