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Walk The Moon - New Album!

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Jan 8 2014 11:21AM
Walk The Moon

99Rock Music News:  Walk The Moon Working On New Album

(Photo: Courtesy of RCA Records)

By Nadia Noir

Walk The Moon are known for their fan devotion and their colorful performances which they highlighted in a recent video announcing their second album. The video begins with Walk The Moon covering Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House ” and fans expressing their joy at being at the show.

Underneath Walk The Moon wrote a note of gratitude to their devoted audience: “Thank you to all of our insanely incredibly awesome fans for being apart of the last 3 years. We’ll see you when we have some newmusic . Enjoy your holidays! Love, NKE+S.”

During the video, font  reminiscent of the band’s infamous face paint splays across the screen and says: “Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. It’s time to go make another record. Walk The Moon 2.” Sources say that the album is scheduled for tentative release for Spring of this year.

The Ohio-based band said in an interview with RV Mag that the new stuff started as “garage band demos” and that they “had a ton of ideas stored up on the computer ” from their tour, writing songs on the bus, on an airplane, or even at sound check.

“We rented a Masonic Lodge in Northern Kentucky and a couple of us lived there,” elaborated guitarist Eli Maiman. “It was really nice to actually have the space to write. We just set up in the main room and wrote together. We worked on some ideas that we had laying around, but mostly just kind of developed jams that we would feel inspired by on a given day. Worked pretty much at the rate of a song a day so we feel pretty good about that progress.”

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01/11/2014 11:21AM
Walk The Moon - Working on New Album!
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