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Macklemore Cures Kid?

by 99Rock - Rock Blog posted Jan 7 2014 1:17PM

99Rock Music News:  Did Macklemore Help Cure a Six-Year-Old Heart Patient?

(Photo: Courtesy Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

By Annie Reuter

There’s no denying that music  has the power to heal, but do the musicians themselves have the ability to heal the sick? It seems so in the case of Macklemore.

In November, six-year-old AJ Hwangbo was diagnosedwith acute viral myocarditis — an inflammation of theheart’s  muscle wall that can weaken a child’s heart. Hwangbo was taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he was treated and grew stronger but emotionally he continued to deteriorate and wouldn’t eat or smile.

“Most of the time he would look right through me,” his mother Yoo-Lee Yea said in a hospital statement. “We didn’t know what was going on in his psyche.”

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Alisa Van Cleave, MD, an advanced care specialist, worked with the family to help AJ recover emotionally. She learned his favorite artist  was Macklemore and when a donor gave the hospital two tickets to Macklemore’s sold-out concert she offered them to his family.

The hospital  then went one step further and contacted Macklemore’s team to set him up with backstage passes.

“It was such a great experience,” his mom said. “Macklemore and his fiancé were so kind and gentle with him. They gave him gifts and joked with him. Macklemore even told AJ that he was planning a surprise visit to the hospital so he would see him again soon.”

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Macklemore Cures Kid?
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