Scott Weiland Locked Up…

99Rock Music News:  Scott Weiland Locked Up In the Studio, Not Jail, Contrary to Previous Reports

Photo Courtesy: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

By Staff

UPDATED: After Scott Weiland posted a Facebook video from a recording studio, titled “Scott Weiland Locked Up…In the Studio TMZ” explaining that not only had he not been arrested, but has been touring and recording for the past four months, contrary to a police report issued July 26, 2014 and a report from TMZ, which alleged that Weiland was in possession of methamphetamine and had stolen razor blades.

In the video Weiland tells fans, “don’t worry, don’t fret, it’s a lie,” letting TMZ know “you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.”

Upon receiving this news from Weiland himself, the Beverly Hills Police Department issued the following correction.

Beverly Hills Police Department has released new information On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Beverly Hills Police discovered through an FBI Fingerprint Return that the subject arrested was not Scott Weiland. The fingerprint return positively identified the individual as Jason Michael Hurley (44 years of age). Beverly Hills Police will be requesting an additional criminal filing on Hurley for 148.9 (a) P.C. – Furnishing False Information to a Peace Officer. Records will be updated to properly reflect this information.
Scott Weiland has landed himself in hot water once again.

The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman was arrested on July 26 after Beverly Hills police received a call of from the local Rite Aid reporting a shoplift, has confirmed via a police report.

According to Lieutenant Renato Moreno, police units checked the area and located a possible suspect. After an investigation was conducted, the 46-year-old Weiland was taken into custody for burglary and possession of a controlled substance.